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The Legion Act has expanded membership eligibility for the Legion, Auxiliary, and Sons

6:00 pm Monthly Meetings

Legionnaire 4th Thursday

Auxiliary 1st Wednesday except January, July and August

Sons 1st Tuesday

We are devoted to veterans, past and present, and their families.

American Legion Post 162 History Video by PBS

From the Commander

Please stop by the post to see the “Metal Art” picture of Delta Company of Task Force Phoenix in Afghanistan. This group photo is absolutely amazing and well worth a visit.

We are actively recruiting post members to attend the American Legion College. If accepted by the post leadership, you will spend three days at Morrisville College learning about the American Legion. Students are housed in college dorms with all meals provided in a cafeteria. All cost are paid for by the Legion Family (based on which family entity you belong to).

Due to Gaming Commission rules as it relates to the selling of Pull Tabs, those eligible to be part of our bartender staff is miniscule. We are currently limited to Legion Family members which represent less than roughly 3 percent of the population, this small number creates limited opportunities when hiring staff. As the State Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Committee I have written additional draft legislation that would permit the hiring of non-members as bar staff.

One of our greatest dilemmas is seating capacity. More often than not people walk in the post, see the bar is full, and leave. We have a solution! The new “Club Level” seating section includes a new large screen TV with seating for 12. The reconfiguration of seating at the post should help during sporting events. (Located in the area where we have food daily for members – donation only)

As a Legion Family our first loyalty is first to our members. When attending our Mid-Winter Conference in Albany, with 9 members of our post, your Legion was brought up on numerous occasions in the various meetings. The American Legion College considers us a model of the Legion Family concept. Hence our continual growth.

Commander Lee Hinkleman

Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

Lowville Post 162

5383 Dayan Street

Lowville, NY 13367